Arlington Chess Club (ACC) was founded in 1954 and is currently the longest continuously meeting club in the D.C. area. There have been a number of other large clubs in the Washington, DC metro area, one or two of which were in existence for as long, or longer, than ACC. While there are currently numerous ad hoc chess groups in the area, ACC is the only sizable club to have survived the growth of the Internet. 

ACC has been continuously meeting at AFUMC since 2009. The group started meeting at Arlington Forest United Methodist Church (AFUMC) prior to 2009 but the history prior to 2009 has since been lost. 

ACC membership has been as high as 400. Presently, it is at about 200. Most of the members are adults (20% are kids aged 10-18). There is a solid core of members that play weekly, biweekly and even monthly.

The club meets nearly every Friday at 6:30pm at AFUMC. Games start at 8pm. The club stays open until the last game finishes, which is usually about 1am. The only Fridays we do not meet are the Friday after Thanksgiving and also, if Christmas, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve falls on a Friday we will not meet.

You can contact Adam Chrisney at (703) 965-4716 if you have any questions.